Dated: 24.07.2022


Today, Tamil Nadu is the finest state in all departments. In terms of career development and technological advancement, Tamil Nadu has become the model state in India. It fills me with immense happiness and pride.

However, as the prevalence of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances is becoming a social evil worldwide, considering our constitutional rights and the responsibility our country undertook with the International declaration – the government of Tamil Nadu has been conducting various awareness campaigns and taking serious actions against ‘manufacture, consumption, traffick of narcotic drugs’. As it is the responsibility of the Tamil Nadu Police Department to restrict the entry of narcotic drugs into the state, the department of Narcotic Intelligence Bureau is integrated with the Alcohol Prohibition Enforcement Unit by the government of Tamil Nadu to become an anti-drug unit that operates full-fledged across all the districts of Tamil Nadu.

The Narcotic Intelligence Bureau that has been inaugurated in 1963 is actively engaged in safeguarding the youths of Tamil Nadu from falling into the traps of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. The bureau is working along with many other departments to prevent drug-related crimes with the help of technological advancements. In order to prevent narcotic drug activities, the government has decided to seize the properties which are earned by trafficking narcotic drugs. This way, the bureau is beginning a new chapter in controlling drugs.

The commitment of the Narcotic Intelligence Bureau, under the governance of the Tamil Nadu Police Department is tirelessly working - to provide knowledge and awareness of narcotic drugs - to prevent people from getting addicted to drugs - to build a society without drugs and drug abusers is admirable.

The emergence of the Narcotic Intelligence Bureau and their goal to conduct awareness campaigns, explaining the aftermath of drug abuse via short films, to show that the society is rising with the goal “narcotic drugs have vanished from the state entirely”, is giving me immense happiness.

I would like to extend my hearty wishes and appreciation to the Narcotic Intelligence Bureau for their determination and focus on eradicating the existence of such social evil and their dedication to protecting society. I wish for the bureau to thrive in its actions. Let society be drug-free. Let society benefits from the new initiatives such as “prevent, destroy, eradicate narcotic drugs”, “rehabilitation of drug abusers”, and finally preventing drug addiction by “creating awareness” by this department. A drug-free society is the only path for the state’s industrial development! The path towards an intelligent and healthy society!

Thank you!