Dated: 27.07.2022


Drugs and Narcotic substances are a curse of the society as even very young people get addicted to the substances. A large number of people are also engaged in the drug trade. Needless to say that Enforcement of NDPS Act is a challenge to the Police.

Tamil Nadu Police has launched a systematic campaign on production, transport, and sale of drugs in the last one year. Operation 'Ganja Vettai 1.0' and Operation 'Ganja Vettai 2.0' ended up with an arrest of 18,083 offenders, seizure of 6,026 kg of Ganja and confiscation of 521 motor vehicles. Properties and bank accounts of about 2,200 offenders were also frozen.

As part of the intensive drug enforcement, ADGP, Enforcement Thiru Mahesh Kumar Aggarwal, IPS has come out with a novel scheme of DAD (Drive Against Drugs) that not only prevents entry of drugs into the State, but also focuses on behavioural modification among the young people who have already been under the influence. The emphasis is to create awareness about harmful effect of drugs among the student community.

I congratulate the State Enforcement Wing and wish them success in their Crusade Against Drugs abuse.